Energy Savings Lightweight Panels

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ESLP Building Systems with its parent company HII-Finance Corporation of the US and Neiro Immobilien Hldg of Germany is launching a private initiative and will invest in residential development projects in select areas worldwide. ESLP will partner with local developers in those selected areas to develop housing projects using ESLP Building systems cost-effective methods with an eye to the speed of results.

The projects will be developed using the Structural Insulated Panels prefabricated method of construction that will be fully compliant with the local authorities having jurisdiction, relevant regulations, and local building codes. Panels will conform to the European and German building code standards.

Product Description

Panels are stacked for curing after being manufactured,  curing time is usually 2-3 days, depending on storage conditions

Energy Savings Lightweight Panels ( ESLP) are designed and developed for the modern low-rise and high-rise buildings, ecological residences, frame structures, and low layer buildings, which take the place of traditional blocks which is a leap in the field of building wall materials. The goal is to make construction economical without reducing the standards or the quality. ESLP is a green and recyclable product.

These Energy Savings panels are formed of exterior panels and interior solid core filling. The exterior sides are made of calcium silicate panels and the interior core is a mix of polystyrene, cement, sand, water, and ash.

These panels will be used for exterior and interior walls, roofing, and floor decking. The thickness of these panels plays an important role in increasing the usable area. Scaffolding is not required for the assembly.  Human error is kept to a minimum.  Panels are convenient for electrical or water plumbing needs.

Advantages of ESLP Panels

Customized size production.

& high strength
High fire-resistance
High bearing capacity
& Sound insulation

Reduced construction time.

Heat preservation
and insulation.

Anti-quake, compression-resistant, & shock-resistant

Waterproof and
moister proof.

No toxic gas emissions, environmentally friendly.

ESLP Panel Characteristics

Easy to
Convenient to make fillings for doors
& windows.
Simple installation
& smooth finish.
The core filling is well mixed & consistent
Surfaces are
flat & smooth
No holes
in panels.
No need for

Any damage can be repaired in no time.

Panel is free of spalling & cracks

No crumbling at edges or corners




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